B&M Bargains, The Junction

Planning permission was required to enable B&M Retail Ltd. to continue trading from its unit at The Junction Retail Park, Antrim.


B&M Bargains




The Junction, Antrim



BM 4
BM 4

Our Involvement

The planning application for this development was originally dealt with by the DoE Central Planning Service, prior to the reorganisation of local Government and the devolution of most planning powers to local Councils. 

Issues Encountered

  • Existing planning approval allowed only for the sale of bulky goods and contained conditions preventing the sale of food
  • B&M wanted said conditions changed to allow the sale of small household goods and food
  • Central Planning was opposed to the application due to possible impact it would have on the town centre; the possibility that alternative town centre sites existed; and the precedent that could result from the approval of the application

Gravis Planning were engaged ahead of the Planning Service's recommendation to Antrim Borough Council that the application should be refused.

Through engagement with the Council a decision on the application was deferred, allowing for a follow-up meeting between our consultants, DoE Planning and B&M to discuss the issues relating to the application.

Gravis generated support for the application from various local Councillors, and presented compelling evidence at this meeting addressing the Department's original concerns. 

The application was subsequently approved.

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