HHT Renewables

HHT Renewables have a proven track record in the wind energy sector and have acquired over 100 renewable energy assets throughout Northern Ireland. HHT specialise in the origination, transaction management and operational management of renewable energy assets.


HHT Renewables




Northern Ireland



Our Involvement

We have carried out planning due diligence on behalf of HHT Renewables prior to the completion of numerous acquisitions and provide feasibility advice in respect of repowering existing assets.

We have obtained planning permission for repowering several existing wind energy assets with larger wind turbines on behalf of HHT Renewables throughout Northern Ireland. Due to the nature of wind energy, the majority of these developments are in rural areas and often exposed farmland.

Issues Encountered

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Site Selection
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Photomontage and Wireline Assessment
  • Cumulative Landscape and Visual Impact
  • AONBs
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Shadow Flicker Assessment
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Local Planning Authority Timescales
  • Environmental Designations
  • Radar interference
  • Telecommunication fixed link interference
  • Built Heritage
  • Road Safety & Improvements
  • Benefits of Renewable energy
  • Community Benefit
  • Grid Connection
  • Land Restoration
  • Media management

Gravis Planning provide planning advice on the repowering of wind turbines on numerous sites across Northern Ireland. We have a proven track record of obtaining planning approvals for wind turbines and have the unique ability to provide shadow flicker reports and photomontages in-house.

We also provide general advisory support on strategic communications. We have provided Assembly monitoring and advice to key Ministers, elected representatives and officials in relation to the benefits of renewable support schemes across the UK and Ireland.

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