Polonez retail unit planning secured at Boucher Crescent Retail Park

19 May 2023

Earlier this year, Gravis Planning was delighted to receive planning approval from Belfast City Council for a new Polonez store near Boucher Retail Park, Boucher Crescent, on behalf of Corbo Ltd. This is the latest in a number of retail approvals that have been obtained over the years in the Boucher area by our Director of Retail Planning, Martin Kelly.

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Our task was to vary a planning condition issued as part of the previous approval for the retail unit, to allow the intended retailer, Polonez, to sell convenience goods such as groceries. We were successful in obtaining this variation after demonstrating that a Polonez store at Boucher Crescent would be fully compliant with the relevant planning policy tests, in particular the sequential test and need.

The new store represents an investment of over half a million pounds and has created twelve new jobs. We are proud to have helped in bringing Polonez to Belfast; with over 20 years of retail experience in British and Irish markets and 37 stores across the UK and Ireland, it is now the single biggest Eastern European brand on the island of Ireland itself.

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