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Advising on planning potential

Before purchasing a site, it is vital clients fully research the development potential. It is often the case that substantial planning issues are only realised after a site has been purchased, which is a significant oversight that can cost time and money. 

We have been commissioned by both developers and financial institutions to carry out development appraisals of sites (most often before acquisition) and advise on planning potential.

Selecting the appropriate site will, in many cases, determine the success or failure of a proposal. We undertake detailed studies to assess planning policy in relation to development proposals, as well as undertaking land availability searches in order to identify alternative sites for development.


An integrated approach to planning and strategic communications services

Multi-sector experience

We are involved in projects across all sectors of development.

Strategic advice, commercial focus

We offer strategic advice, and we are commercially minded in our approach.


Our motivation is to help you get the results you need.

Integrated Services

Our Planning and Strategic Communications teams work together to provide the best service.


We advise a variety of clients across all sectors of built development.

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